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Chinese Food

Chinese food is the most popular form of take out in the United States. Everyone from children to the elderly at one time has eaten at a chinese restaurant or taken something to go. The food has its own unique aroma and taste that can water anybody's mouth. Whether you are a veteran Chinese food eater or a newbie, there is always something for you.

What makes Chinese food unique is the fact that there are so many different choices to choose from. There are foods for all occasions and for whatever you are feeling that day. From the sauces like sweet and sour, to sezchuan, to white sauce there is a sauce to fit anybody's taste buds. Chinese food is all about pleasure, the pleasure of the taste, the pleasure of the atmosphere, Chinese food has it all.

Thai Food

Thai food is very different, yet the succulent aromas and interesting tastes will make your mouth water. At first when you hear Thai food what do you think?? Well if you are like most people who live in America, you probably think of super hot and spicy right? Well in most cases it can be true. But in other cases it isn't. In Thailand spices were a way to cool off from the hot day, and at the same time preserve your food if you made too much. Most Thai families are pretty large so when you made food there was a pretty good chance that you made to much.

Thai food in America can basically be classified into three groups of entrees these are the curry dishes, the black sauce dishes and the noodle dishes. The curry dishes are what truely differentiate the Thai food from Chinese food. The curry dishes will automatically be at a certian spice level, most of the time a low level, but if you think you can handle hotter then you can always order your meal to be more spicy.

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